A suite of services for all your business needs.

Business Performance Consulting

Top performing organizations are driven not just by the visionary compass of their leaders but also by the efficiency and effectiveness of their internal business units. The Cumbrian team and partners provide cutting-edge interventions that help our clients to reassess, forge through and perfect all their business systems.

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Board Leadership, Support and Corporate Governance

At the apex of high performance, the organization is a high-performance Board. Drawing from more than a decade of board membership and corporate governance experience, we work with the highest organs of governance in institutions to establish and maintain the best practices for leadership at the Board levels.

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Strategy and Human Capital Services

An effective strategy lies at the core of every business’s success. With over thirty years of combined experience, we provide tried and tested support in strategy formulation, execution, and post-execution reviews. We also offer support in related planning inputs from Economic & Financial Environmental Assessment to budget preparation & training.

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Small Business Advisory

“Small Business” employs over 70% of our formal and informal working population. Our collective experience in business management and finance puts us in the best position to help your business surmount a wide range of issues including finance, marketing, human resources and general business management.

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Financial and Investment Planning/Advisory Services

We offer in-depth financial, investment planning and advisory services across a wide range of business activities and we would be glad to discuss your business objectives, help you enhance your business proposal and investment plans as well as discuss possible challenges with prospective clients.

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Regulatory Advocacy & International Business Representation

With decades of experience in the business environment, we are very well placed to support the maintenance of strong standing relationships with financial and non-financial regulators, the objective being to develop mutually beneficial relationships, especially for key industry players.

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Project Management Consulting

With decades of experience in a wide variety of projects ranging from Oil & Gas, Real Estate to technology, for example, we are well placed to assist our clients to implement; monitor and manage complex projects from planning to inception and execution.

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Financial Management, Accounting & Training Programs

As part of our efforts to help build and strengthen financial management and accounting capacity for individuals and organizations, we offer training programs for Accounting and Non-Accounting personnel.

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Our unique business solutions approach

At Cumbrian Consult we approach every client’s business with a sense of ownership. We are excited at the prospect of assisting companies to enhance and maintain their growth trajectory as well as improve financial performance while building a sustainable and lasting business empire.

We believe a consulting firm should be more than an advisor. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, align our incentives with their objectives, and collaborate to unlock the full potential of their business.

We are aware that the right approach is necessary for the right resolution and so we approach work with unique solutions tailored to establish and sustain an exceptional performance driven framework for our clients at the Board and Management level.

In order to maximize the potential success of our client’s businesses, we:

Assess the Current State/Business Review

We obtain an understanding of client’s current state by benchmarking current operations and management systems against the essential components of a world-class organization in order to establish gaps and areas for improvement.

Envision the Future State

We identify the elements of and present the case for change or improvement to leadership, processes, systems procedures and requirements. During this phase, leadership is  engaged in creating the vision for an improved future state, so that the organization can pursue common objectives.

Plan the Transition

We develop the project plan and timeline, based on assessment results and vision, to create a clear work plan. We work with the client’s team to identify the discrete tasks, responsibilities and timelines for the project.  We create a customized Implementation Plan according to your priorities.

Implement Changes

Our team work closely with the client at all levels of the organization and across four critical areas — technology, people, process, and structure — to implement a plan that delivers optimal results.

Monitor and assist in sustaining and improving performance

Our advisory team and the client identify opportunities for continuous improvement. We provide the tools, framework and guidance to ensure a sustainable future state, which will continue to be implemented and managed by client staff under initial guidance by our consultants but ultimately the process will be handed over to yourselves.

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